Corporate Responsibility

As an independent distributor, Finestock can purchase the components you need from all over the world at the most competitive price and quickly grasp the industry information, acknowledge the channels and closely contact with customers. Through the integration of professional channel information, to ensure that customers buy at the best price at the right time, so as to ensure the security of the supply chain while effectively to control the costs. Our company has global supply chain partners with many years of trading experience, mainly focusing on supply chain integration.We will extend our offices to all regions, we will continuously and have the right to offer you with necessary help,we will also have relevant personnel who will make business decisions communicate with you. With many years of experience, Finestock guarantees that the parts purchased from us will not have defects in materials and workmanship under the normal use of consumers. The warranty effects from the purchasing day can long to 365 days.

The following services have won the trust from electronic buyers all over the world:

Cost Reduction
Supplying hard to find, long lead-time, end-of-life (EOL) and obsolete electronic components
Bom Service
Good Payment Term
Support Schedule Orders
Customer Service Area

Medical Health care & Environment Energy

For the better life and health save energy.

Automatic & Consumer Electronic

Easily & connector daily life. Widen our vision and personal experience. Like Robot, VR etc.

Control system & Military - Aerospace

High tech, our security management and explore the mysterious world.

IoT & Telecommunication

New idea based on the internet, Sensor, 5G, Embedded technology improving.

Professional Knowledge

Let experts of Finestock serve you.